2014 Delray Beach St. Patricks Day Parade Highlights

delray beach st pattys paradeIt was another amazing year at the 2014 Delray Beach St. Patricks Day Parade on Atlantic Ave, “The Ave” this year. This was the first year that you couldn't drink on The Ave while enjoying the parade and afternoon and I know everyone was very unhappy about it. You could only drink in a couple tiny selected areas, the main one being in front of Part Tavern and Salt 7 in the fenced in area. They have beer taps and bars all the way around the area which was fenced in.

The Avenue was definitely less busy than previous years which I'm sure cost all the bars and restaurants a sizable amount of money in lost revenue. I hope the City of Delray Beach reconsiders this non-drinking rule and re-opens drinking next year again. It was much more fun to have the block party atmosphere for one day a year in Delray. I have never seen any troubles caused by everyone drinking on the Ave for St. Pat's. It's a very safe area and very well patrolled by Delray's finest.

Here is the Official St. Patricks Day Facebook Fanpage

Overall it was still a great day, celebration and salute to our men and women in uniform. I'd like to thank Delray for a great celebration day every year. It's always a blast. Here are my pictures and videos below and if you enjoy them, please share this post on Facebook and retweet on Twitter. See you next year in 2015, Cheers!

2014 Delray Beach St. Pat's Pictures and Video