How To SEO Optimize Your WordPress Blog Posts

This post is a great SEO tutorial. Here are the top 7 steps to SEO optimize your WordPress blog posts and pages for maximum search rankings. This is critical if you want rank your site or client sites for either their brand or keywords and variations of their keywords, otherwise known as LSI's or Latent Semantic Indexing.

1. Add Your Keyword In Your Title

Put your keyword you want to rank for preferably in the beginning, but that's not critical. This is one of the most critical parts of getting that page ranked. If your keyword was “weight loss” you could make your title, “Biggest weight loss myths you hear daily”. That should give you an idea. The reason that's important is because that's what Google sees first in delivering search results. The other reason is that whatever your title is is normally inserted in the URL of that page link as part or the link, or permalink as we SEO Ninja's call it. Here is an example:

SEO optimize your WordPress blog posts

**On a side note, make sure you have your permalink settings set to “Post Name” under the WP Dashboard Appearance/Setings/Permalink.

2. Add your keyword in the first sentence of the description.

It will then show up in the paragraph that Google shows as your page description (delivered search result).  This is what it looks like in the search result:

Wordpress SEO

**You can set all the settings with the Yoast SEO Plugin very easily and I highly recommend it to do some of your on-page SEO correctly. It grades the page as you go so you can have a visual checklist of what you need to do to have the best on page SEO optimization possible. Here is the Yoast SEO plugin optimization box you will fill out on each post and page of your WordPress site and all should should be green:

Wordpress Yoast SEO Plugin box-SEO Delray Beach

3. Use fresh, original content, 500 words minimum per page.

Ways to get your new content consistently:

-Write it yourself

-Use Dragon Dictate and just talk and it types it all for you (Fastest and cheapest way by far)

-Outsource it to a content or article writer

-My recommended sources are iWriter or iNeedArticles, but there are tons more.

4- Use an image in each page and insert the keyword in the “alt tag” or “alt text” as it's called in WordPress. 

Alt text SEO WP

Check image on the left:


Another tip is if you have more than one image on the page, don't use the same keyword over and over in each of the pictures. Use a different keyword variation of the same one like an LSI or log tail keyword.

Example: Main Keyword- weight loss

Variations: top weight loss plan, best weight loss plan, weight loss program, best weight loss clinic

Also use variants like: lose weight, burn fat, fat burner, drop the weight, shredded, the biggest loser

5- Use keyword in at least H1 tag and sometimes in H2 an H3 when needed

This is a big one. Simply write a sub-headline above a paragraph and turn it to an H1 by swiping over the heading and with the WYSIWYG button on the Visual tab of your WP Editor on the left. Change paragraph to Heading 1. Now you have the keyword changed to your H1, congrats! You are on your way to ranking better.

See below. You see the paragraph button on the left. After you swipe over your headline to select it change the “paragraph” button to “Heading 1”, or Heading 2 or 3 if you want to make an H2 or H3 tag after you have made your H1. The H1 is always first and they normally go in numerical order as well as in order of importance.

WP SEO H1 tag

6- Embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo,or anywhere for that matter

-Link the video to the page on your site

-Link the page to your video

-Video gives your site a MUCH higher on page visitor time which is HUGE for SEO. That's trackable in Google analytics. You'll see that pages with videos the people stay on those pages way longer then pages without them, (This page is a perfect example!)

-Pages with video get shared much more. Social signals have a much more important role in SEO in 2014.

-Just think to yourself, the more you make your pages interactive, the better. We live in a smartphone and tablet world now with people that have very short attention spans.

7- Fill out your tags and categories of your posts/pages on the right side of your editor.

SEO WP tags and categoriesThis is very important. I recommend 5-8 tags and 2-4 categories maximum for each post you putout.

-Categories sort how people can see the posts on your site they are interested in “TopicWise” so it's ok for them to be related to more than one topic or category on your site. Generally they might only want to see posts regarding a certain topic and not all the stuff you are writing about. So you are selecting where they will see it.

-Tags are the keyword the post is about and that you want it to rank for. You are telling Google what to notice it for and show it for in the search results.

There are over 17 top steps to SEO optimize every page on your site to the hilt. So far, I have only gone over 7 of them. I have all 17+ in a Blueprint Cheat Sheet below for you as a Thank You for reading this page. To get it, simply like this post, retweet it or 1+ it and ENJOY!


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