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About Us

Social Media Titans was started in 2006 by Jarrett Holmes when the Internet was Jarrett Holmes Social Media

approaching it's peak at being something exciting and new and many people wanted to make money from home working on it. The more Jarrett looked into it after a successful career in sales, network marketing and B2B direct sales, he got excited about the financial possibilities and he loved being online. He got started on Myspace posting auto bulletins with an automated bot posting at the top of every bulletin thread with affiliate or recruiting offers and quickly got better results.

After his success recruiting and building teams with this method, Jarrett branched out into affiliate marketing a little more and began doing trades with businesses for his SEO/Social Media/Video Marketing services in exchange for free services to help businesses better explode their businesses online. It was during this time that Jarrett built a team of thousands of Independent Agents across the US in all 50 states with United First Financial with his Internet Marketing skills. he was also featured in Success From Home Magazine in February 2009 for his success.

After his success, Jarrett decided to take his business to a full-time endeavorand help his clients with most aspects of Internet Marketing and opened up to accepting new clients across the U.S.. He has been helping clients across the globe ever since with clients from California to Australia.

Jarrett has built a loyal following of 100,000+ friends, subscribers, views followers on social media, has published over 500 videos online and enjoys helping others grow their presence online through the use of business listings, video marketing, WordPress websites, social media and SEO. Feel free to add him to your circles on Google+ or add Social Media Titans.

Jarrett will turn your business into the dominant force in your niche, in your city. Period.

Give him a call today and see why his clients love him- 954-871-0053.