Animated Hand Drawn Videos

Animated hand drawn videos are all the rage right now for video marketing for sales videos, products, brands, affiliate product sales, testimonials and Hand Drawn Videos 2whatever you can think of for delivering your message. Social Media Titans can create them for you quickly and inexpensively. Because they are based around a storyboard or scene, I will simply charge you by the minute(s). The longer it is, the more scenes, words and objects I have to create. I'll just base it on 1 minute intervals.

$99 Up to 1 Minute

$199 1-2 Minutes

$299 2-3 Minutes

$399 3-4 Minutes

Anything longer than that is not recommended as people get bored after 3-4 minutes and lose focus. I will make a longer one for you if you order it though.

There is another guy on YouTube that charges $10,000 for one of these so this is really a steal!

I can add voice overs or base the video around your voice over, logos, pictures, website names, addresses, and also just leave everything as hand drawn. Its all up to your imagination, your storyline and your scenes and message you want to get across. Just tell me what you want and I'll get it delivered!

Hand Drawn Video Examples

Animated Hand Drawn Videos

Animated Videos

Hand Drawn Video Demo #4

Give us a call today at 954-871-0053. We are Ninja's at creating the excellent hand drawn animated videos of your choice.