Technical SEO for Beginners

SEO is an interesting field for many reasons, one of which is that the people that practice it comes from a wide variety of backgrounds.  It’s truly a marriage of soft and hard skills, with many people coming from a marketing background and many coming from a more technical background, and some people diving in [...]

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What Are Call Routing Systems?

If you are an entrepreneur that once started his or her own business but are now looking around the marketplace for call routing systems, it is likely a sign that your business has made it. Even if you are still considered a "small business" by the federal government definitions, you might have dozens of employees, [...]

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7 Steps To SEO Optimize Your WordPress Blog Posts

How To SEO Optimize Your Wordpress Blog Posts This post is a great SEO tutorial. Here are the top 7 steps to SEO optimize your Wordpress blog posts and pages for maximum search rankings. This is critical if you want rank your site or client sites for either their brand or keywords and variations of their keywords, otherwise [...]

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2014 Delray Beach St. Patricks Day Parade

2014 Delray Beach St. Patricks Day Parade Highlights It was another amazing year at the 2014 Delray Beach St. Patricks Day Parade on Atlantic Ave, "The Ave" this year. This was the first year that you couldn't drink on The Ave while enjoying the parade and afternoon and I know everyone was very unhappy about it. [...]

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Various Fields in Dentistry

Dentistry is a medical profession that mainly deals with aspects regarding the oral cavity. Dental care is a popularly sought after service since there are quite a number of conditions that affect the teeth and surrounding tissue. It is recommended that every individual visit a dentist at least once every year to have a though [...]

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Get Your Hydrodipping at Hydrographics South Carolina

UPDATE 2017- Closed. Moved and started a different business. What Is Hydrographics South Carolina? Hydrographics is a special painting technique in which you apply printed designs to different kinds of objects, in which hydrographics south carolina specializes in. For example this special type of painting is most used on car parts, golf cart parts, as well as [...]

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Animated Hand Drawn Videos

Animated Hand Drawn Videos Animated hand drawn videos are all the rage right now for video marketing for sales videos, products, brands, affiliate product sales, testimonials and whatever you can think of for delivering your message. Social Media Titans can create them for you quickly and inexpensively. Because they are based around a storyboard or [...]

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How To Create a Perfect Google Business Listing

The Complete Google Business Listing Secrets Here I will go over a full Google business listing and all the important steps that are required in having a fully filled out Google listing the proper way. Before beginning, your Google listing you should use a minimum of 3 citations first. I recommend Insider Pages, Yelp, and [...]

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