How Long Does It Take To Rank My Site?2017-03-01T00:26:47-05:00

It depends on MANY factors such as the quality of your website, it's on page content and optimization, age, competition, area targeted (local or nationwide), if you have any Google penalties or not, quality of current backlinks and many other things.

First I will have to analyze your website and do keyword research. Then I will sit with you and set a goal based on your goals and your budget to assist you in reaching PAGE #1, then the top 5, then the top 3, then #1 for as many keywords or keyword phrases as possible. Call me for a free consultation at 954-871-0053.

How Long Does It Take To Build A WordPress Site?2017-03-01T00:26:47-05:00

It generally takes 1-2 weeks depending on the intricacies of the WordPress site you want and also my work load and deadlines at that time. I can build them very fast, if needed, for an additional Premium Fee.

Why Do I Need To Do My Business Listings?2017-03-01T00:26:47-05:00

1. Because they are normally at least 1/3 of the search results that show up on the first 2 pages of Google. If you don't do them, or don't do them properly, then you will miss out on 1/3 of that traffic to your website.

2. You will also miss out on the traffic that comes from the listing sites themselves when people are searching for your service on those sites.

3. Finally the listing sites have a high PageRank so listing your website on them will give your website an  SEO boost with many new and powerful backlinks from these directory sites.

Why Do I Need Ten Videos?2014-02-02T16:16:24-05:00

1. Because you have many different keywords and services that you want your business to show up for, right? Do a video on each service that you want to be found for, at a bare minimum. Really you should have at least 30 videos so you show up many times for each keyword. Not only that, but your videos are a great opportunity to answer the most common questions that people have about your services like who, what, where, when and the big one, WHY or HOW.

2. Videos rank MUCH EASIER so your video could be on page #1 on YouTube and/or Google in as little as one day!

3. You create videos, post them and rank them once, but they bring you business for forever!

How Fast Will My Videos Show Up?2017-03-01T00:26:47-05:00

Local City Search: They will show up within one minute online after uploading the finished video and on page #1 normally within 1-2 weeks once I work my SEO Ninja magic.

Nationwide Search: They will show up within one minute online after uploading the finished video and on page #1 normally within 1-4 weeks depending on your competition.

You can go fast on the rankings and adding links because the video could get deleted. It's best and safest to go slow and steady. In most cases, I can get a video on page #1 in a week or less, easily though.

Can I Add Pictures And Videos To My WordPress Website?2017-03-01T00:26:47-05:00

WordPressYes. because WordPress is the #1 CRM website foundation in the world, it's very simple to use, update and add content too. I could teach you quickly how to use it and update it and I have WordPress training videos on YouTube already that do this.