The Complete Google Business Listing Secrets

Here I will go over a full Google business listing and all the important steps that are required in having a fully filled out Google listing the proper way. Before beginning, your Google listing you should use a minimum of 3 citations first. I recommend Insider Pages, Yelp, and Citysearch to start with. Your Google business listing is the most important listing of all your business listings. That's because that listing is on Google and we want it to show up in the top 7 pack. The 7 pack are the top 7 red pushpins that you see at the top of page one on Google. I'm gonna cover every single thing on your Google listing that's important from categories to descriptions, titles, data, coupons, pictures, videos, hours, payments accepted, additional details and selecting your service area. Okay, the first thing you need to do is search for your business on Google. If your business shows up in the business listings, then you need to claim that listing. If your business does not show up, then you need to create a brand-new listing. It's important that you do not create a brand-new Google business listing if you already have a listing that shows up, that way you will not have a duplicate listing. If you need to create a brand-new listing from scratch, you will just go to and create a new business listing. If your business shows up in the Google search as a business listing, then you will claim that by going to that exact same website. When you get there click on claim listing on the right-hand side, log in with your Google account, and follow the steps on the screen to actually claim and edit that listing.

Exact Tips To a Rock Solid Google Business Listing

Google Business ListingOkay, now that we're actually in the Google business listing, we will start from the very top and we'll work our way down. The first thing you need to do is type in your Country. Most everybody that's reading this, listening to this, or watching this on video, is in the United States. Type in your company name. Your company name needs to match the title tag on your website or blog exactly, word for word. Next, type in your address, city and zip code. Now type in your business phone number. It's important that that phone number is a land line, and not an 800 number. It's also very important that that phone number is a local phone number to your business area code. If you do not have a local phone number, get one for free through Google Voice. Just make sure that it has the same area code as your business that's listed. You can have unlimited free Google Voice phone numbers. You can have one per Gmail address. Since it's free to sign up for Gmail, you can create as many free e-mail accounts as you want and thus unlimited Google Voice numbers. Next add any additional phone numbers that you want to list to your Google business listing, like your fax number, or a different local phone number. Now enter in your e-mail address and try to use a company e-mail address that's based off your company domain name. For instance, Try not to use a free e-mail service, or ISP address like Roadrunner, Comcast or Bellsouth for your business e-mail address. Now you're going to enter in your website. Started off with http:// and then the with no spaces. If you don't have a website, I highly recommend you create a free one with,, or WordPress is the best for SEO. The description: okay the description is one of the most important parts of the actual Google business listing. You need to make sure that all of your keywords that you want to get found for are in the description. (Keywords= what people are searching for and you want your business to get found and your services) That's really the most important thing. The next super critical thing is the actual categories on your Google business listing. Make sure that you pick 5 categories. Also select the categories from the ones that Google recommends. Do not create your own keyword categories. Once again make sure you use 5 categories and nothing less. This will guarantee that your listing shows up in more search results. Just make sure that the actual categories have something to do with what you're offering and your business services. Don't just pick a random category that has nothing to do with your business or services. Okay, the next section is service areas and location settings. You can either select the radius around your business, or you can select areas by zip code or city name. You may also pick to whether customers come to your business location, or if you actually serve all of your customers at their locations. Now, fill out all your hours of operation. If you have a break, like if your business closes for lunch, make sure you enter separate hours. Enter all the payments that you accept. Make sure that you have ten pictures. The more pictures that you add, the better your Google business listing will show up in searches. I recommend pictures of your clientele enjoying your services. Also add pictures of the owner and the management, pictures of the friendly staff, and pictures of your actual establishment. Next thing that you can do is add five videos from YouTube. This is a very key step because your videos will show up not only in Google searches on page one of Google, but they will also show up right here on your Google business listing. This way people can get a great feel for your business and your services directly from watching your videos from your business listing. When you list your videos on YouTube, make sure that you put two links in the description section: one link will go to your website, the other link will go to your Facebook fan page. This will guarantee you clicks from YouTube and additional web traffic to your website, as well as additional fans to your fan page. Google Business Listing 2

Another idea is you can create a video on YouTube requesting that your clients leave you a review on Google and then put the Google business listing link in the YouTube description box so all they have to do is click directly on the link and it takes them directly to your Google listing so they can leave your business a review. The more reviews you have, the higher your listing will be ranked. This is another very important aspect to ranking very highly in the top 7 pack of Google listings. The last section that you will fill out on your Google business listing is “additional details”. I like to create different things that I offer like services and products in the right side box. It's also a great place to put brand names and free WiFi and then yes in the right box. I would recommend a minimum of 3-5 additional details added. When you're finished with everything, triple check your Google business listing on the right-hand side just as it looks before you click submit at the bottom. When everything looks perfect, click submit. The next step is verification. Sometimes Google will call your business on the number that you provided as your business number, and other times it will send you a verification postcard to the owner.Google Reviews

The Importance of Google Business Listing Citations

CitationsIn this image, you can see the citations for that listing are tripadvisor, yahoo, opentable and urbanspoon. You want the verification of your Google business listing to be fast, and by phone, that's why you need to fill out the other three citations recommended above FIRST, and also make sure that they are verified first. The reason is, Google will cross-reference your listing with other listings that are already on the Internet. Those other three listings are called citations. Sometimes Google will pull in data and testimonials from other citations, or business listings, right onto your Google listing. All of those citations will help your Google business listing rank higher against other competition. The more citations you have, the better your business listing will rank. That's why it's important to fill out as many citations or local business listings as possible. This is only something that will majorly help your business get high quality back links from other directories or business listings, and also show up more in search results. Gold Nugget: Look at the citations of your competition in the top 7 pack results and sign up for all those citation listings!! Get social media set up for your business as well. If you found this information useful, please leave a comment below. If you do social media or local business marketing I would love to do a link exchange with you and we can cross pollinate each others businesses. Here is a Google Places Cheatsheet you can download for FREE. Here is another one. Have an amazing day and I wish you the most success with your business and your Google business listing!