Dentistry is a medical profession that mainly deals with aspects regarding the oral cavity. Dental care is a popularly sought after service since there are quite a number of conditions that affect the teeth and surrounding tissue. It is recommended that every individual visit a dentist at least once every year to have a though check up done on their oral cavity.

Fields in Dentistry

dentist coral springsThere are various fields of practice in dentistry with the difference being what each field deals with individually. A majority of the fields involve general practices that include diagnosis, preventing and treating of various diseases that affect teeth and other oral cavity organs. One of the most commonly fields is cosmetic dentistry. This is a field that involves the improving of the looks of the oral cavity. This is mainly done in instances where accidents and medical conditions may cause a deformation in one or more organs in the cavity therefore the need to restore resulting to a better look for the affected persons. It may also be done for beauty purposes where a person opts to have their looks changed due to one factor or the other. Another commonly practiced field is exodiontia. This is a branch of medicine where dentists deal in the extraction of teeth. This can be done to avoid spreading of bacteria clogged into the root canal and also as a common procedure for the extraction of milk teeth. Orthodontics is also another commonly practiced field that involves the installation of braces for patients with misaligned teeth. This is done by use of metallic braces that are fitted on the teeth in precise levels of tension in order to have varied effect on the teeth based on the degree of alignment that is required. Endodontists are also types of dentists who deal in root canal therapy. The root canal is quite often affected by infectious bacteria in the pulp leading to painful teeth. Therapy helps in relieving the pain and getting rid of the bacteria by use of drugs and therapeutic procedures.

Professional Qualifications Required to Practice Dentistry

In order to practice dentistry, there are educational and practice qualifications that are required for the practicing license. The study of biological, chemical and physical sciences in high school is one of the important qualifications. Attaining of a bachelors degree in medicine is the next step that is often followed by a dental admissions test that is carried out before one is admitted to a dental school. On completion of the usually three to four year dental course and attaining all the required competencies in the field, a national boards exam is taken. After successfully passing the required units, a period in residency is the next step after which the dentists degree and license is issued to the graduate. Extra training camps may be necessary depending on the field of specialty. These are important as they help the dentists attain competency and experience in a wide range of cases concerning patients in the medical care centers. Several interpersonal traits are also important to possess while in any field in dentistry.

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